Shoelace hack: teach your kids in two seconds

Having trouble teaching your child to tie laces? This is officially the quickest and easiest way ever…



A shoelace hack that can help you teach your child to tie their laces in just 2 seconds has gone viral. The step-by-step guide has been watched over 690,000 times on YouTube so far.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, forget the ‘bunny ears’ method, this new ‘magic fingers’ method promises to halve the time it takes to tie shoelaces. Fans say the knot will even stay done up for longer – so no tripping on loose laces!

The knot has 6 simple steps:

  1. Cross the laces just like you normally would.
  2. With your right hand, put your thumb and first finger in front of the lace, your fingers should be kind of facing toward you. With your left hand, put your thumb and first finger behind the lace, with fingers facing away from you.
  3. Now pull your fingers forward, so you feel a little tension and give it a twist, so that your fingers are facing each other.
  4. Now pinch the laces in between the opposite fingers.
  5. Pinch the opposite laces.
  6. Pull through nice and tight.

Watch the full instructional video above and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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