Should cycle helmets be compulsory for children?

Conservative MP calls on government to do more to help prevent head injuries


A Conservative MP wants cycle helmets to be made compulsory for children.


Reading West MP Alok Sharma asked the Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond to carry out an independent report into the benefits of making the use of cycle helmets for kids compulsory.

During the Parliamentary debate on cycling safety and the wearing of cycle helmets, it was revealed that last year more than 3,000 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads.

Mr Sharma expressed his concern at the high level of hospital admissions for children with head injuries, “Undoubtedly, some of those injuries would have been reduced or may not have occurred if a cycle helmet had been worn.”

According to reports, cycle helmet wearing rates for children is just 18%: “When children are involved in accidents, a lot of the time that doesn’t happen on the road, it happens when they are cycling off road, they may be with friends, they may be in the playground, they may be cycling in woods – that is a very clear distinction we have to bear in mind when we start to talk about cycle helmet usage, potentially compulsory, for children as opposed to adults.”

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