Is it really OK to bet on Cheryl and Kate Middleton being pregnant?

Cheryl has not said she's pregnant - yet the bookies have stopped taking bets that she is


On this week’s MadeForMums Live (our Facebook Live chat, which you can watch here) – we discussed the fact that bookies have stopped all bets on whether or not pop star Cheryl, 33, is expecting her 1st child with One Direction’s Liam Payne, 23.


And whether there should be bets like this at all.

According to The Mirror, bookies William Hill reckon recent pics of Cheryl are ‘self-explanatory’ so are ‘not prepared’ to accept any more bets.

Meanwhile, the odds that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will announce they’ll be expecting their 3rd child have been slashed, according to numerous outlets.

This news comes just days after the royal tots, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, charmed the world during the family’s Royal Tour of Canada.


What we think

We wrote about the Jennifer Aniston furore not so long ago – and admitted that it’s so easy to get a little sucked into the ‘is she/isn’t she’ storyline.

And this is a little bit like that, only with money involved.

But, of course, pregnancy isn’t always black and white – anything could happen, and there may be reasons why someone isn’t pregnant that we’re not privy to.

It’s totally different if you’re doing a sweepstakes in the office – or have a running joke bet with friends. We reckon it feels slightly less fun and celebratory when it’s about someone we don’t know personally.

So for us, it feels a bit odd (and a lot of unnecessary pressure) for strangers to be putting money on potential celeb pregnancies.

Also: what are the odds based on? Inside information? (doubtful). Dissecting pictures of women’s stomach areas for bumps? (grrrr). Judging when is the ‘right’ time for a child to come along? (double grrr).

It’s all a bit presumptuous.

We’d love to know your thoughts…

We’re fascinated by this topic, so we want to know what you think about it.

Would you care if people were betting on whether or not you were pregnant? And did you have a sweepstakes at work, or anything similar?

If you knew people were betting on you – do you think it’d make you feel pressure to get pregnant or to announce a pregnancy?

Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or over at Facebook

Images: Instagram/Cheryl, Instagram/Kensington Royal

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