Should we ever call little girls like Princess Charlotte ‘bossy’?

After the Queen revealed her great-grandddaughter 'looked after' Prince George, the word 'bossy' came to the fore...


The Royal Family don’t often talk too much about their private lives – so, when we get a little nugget, we have to fill in the blanks ourselves.


Take this exchange between Queen Elizabeth II and a member of the public, for example.

The Queen asked a 10-year-old girl if she looked after her little sister, to which her mum responded: “It’s more like the other way around.”

Her Majesty replied: “It’s like that with Charlotte and George.”

Suddenly, Princess Charlotte was deemed ‘bossy’ or ‘the boss’ of her elder brother by numerous news outlets, something initially questioned by The Huffington Post UK.

Their piece argued that we rarely hear little boys (or even grown-up boys) described as ‘bossy’ – and that if Princess Charlotte were a boy, everyone would be spinning this quote to mean she’s simply showing early signs of leadership skills.

(Leadership skills that’ll come in handy, given that she’ll have an important role to play in the public eye as she grows.)

We have to say, we can’t not agree with that. However, we do also wonder whether how you feel about the word personally plays a role.

For example, one of the mums on our team admitted she’d be a tad annoyed if someone called her 6-year-old daughter ‘bossy’, because she knows that a boy with the same personality wouldn’t get the same name.

On the other hand, one of our team has always been described as ‘bossy’ – she was very confident as a little girl – and she’s always embraced it as part of her personality.

She quite likes it about herself, too. I’m bossy, deal with it. She doesn’t personally feel like it’s one of her negative traits.

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