Sienna Miller’s trendy baby name revealed

New mum Sienna joins the M&M club


Sienna Miller has reportedly joined a host of other high profile celebs by giving her baby a name beginning with ‘M’.


Details of Sienna’s new arrival have been sparse, but according to E! news, Sienna’s had a girl and called her Marlowe.

Now, we could blab on that Sienna loves Christopher Marlowe and has been inspired by Elizabethan tragedy, but we think it’s probably much more simple.

First and foremost, Sienna’s surname begins with ‘M’ and she’s just become a mmmum (and a yummy mummy at that). But what we really think is, names beginning with ‘M’ are bang on trend – and Sienna is nothing if not trendy.

Fellow new mum Kourtney Kardashian recently stomped her Louboutins after she found out Jessica Simpson had chosen Maxwell for her daughter. KK presumably settled for her son being called Mason and plumped for Penelope instead. Meanwhile, The Pitt-Jolies have Maddox, Mariah Carey has twins Morrocon and Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow has Moses and Bruce Willis recently welcomed Mabel.

Plus, in true Sienna style, while there’s a lot of ‘M’ names out there, there’s not a lot of famous Marlowes. Although the name is apparently an Old English word meaning ‘driftwood’, er, right…


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