Exciting first look at the brand new Silver Cross Coast

We've had an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new Silver Cross Coast - a single-to-double buggy that should make going from one child to two simpler


The last 12 months has seen some significant changes for Silver Cross with the British brand finally catering for parents with twins, or two or more children with its Wave pushchair.


And this is a trend the manufacturer is expanding on with the imminent release of its brand-new buggy for 2019, the Silver Cross Coast 🎉🎉🎉

Due out in November 2018 (just in time for the New Year) the Coast is Silver Cross’ first true convertible – meaning you can buy it as a single, and when ready add a second sibling seat to make it a double.

Take a look at the new Silver Cross Coast…

What do you get with the new Silver Cross Coast?

Imagine a hybrid of the Silver Cross Pioneer and Wave, and you get the Coast.  Coming complete with a classically stylish Silver Cross frame, seat unit (which can be used up to 22kg, unlike the Waves 25kg) luxurious carrycot and one hood for both, it’s ideal for first-time parents who are considering having a second child in the future.

When baby number two arrives, you buy the additional sibling seat (which can be used up to 15kg) for your older child and attach it to the buggy, so it’s now a double. 

How is the Silver Cross Coast different from the Wave?

silver cross coast

The Coast is lighter in weight than the Wave, which is known to be quite heavy. Unlike the Wave, the Coast is not designed for twins, as it can’t fit 2 carrycots at once.

Check out the new Silver Cross Spirit – and tell us your thoughts

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