Best double buggies

Whether you’re expecting two babies or are a parent of a toddler with baby no. 2 on the way, these are the best double buggies to transport both little ones.


A double buggy allows you to transport twins or a baby and toddler at the same time in one pushchair.


There are two types of double buggies; the side-by-side/twin option, enables babies to sit next to each other, while a tandem/inline buggy allows your children to sit one behind the other or one seat stacked below the other.

We’ve answered all your double buggy safety questions here.

Why should I choose a side-by-side buggy?


  • Many parents like the fact that a twin pushchair means that both children sit at the same height and get the same view, so they can interact with each other.
  • This stops the need to ‘take turns’ or decide who gets the ‘best’ spot in the buggy, which can happen with a tandem.
  • Side-by-side pushchairs are often found to be easier to go up and down kerbs, as the weight is more evenly distributed.
  • There is also more storage capacity in a twin buggy, especially as the second seat on a tandem is often situated just above or partly in the basket space.
  • Twin buggies can be pulled up to a table easier than a tandem, if you decide to keep your babies in the buggy while eating out.


  • Twin pushchairs are wide, as you’d expect, they are often at least 10cm wider than a tandem buggy, so you will have to measure your doors and hallways you use frequently to make sure it fits and you have space to store it.

Why should I choose a tandem buggy?


  • Inline pushchairs are slim, so you’ll be able to get them through most doors, aisle and hallways without a problem.
  • Tandem buggies are often convertible pushchairs, going from a single to a double pushchair with the addition of a second seat, a cost-effective option and extend the life of your buggy.


  • Storage space on a tandem is limited, some tandems ‘stack’ your children, to reduce the length of the buggy, and the second seat on a tandem is often situated just above or partly in the basket space.
  • With tandems what you save on width, you often gain in length, meaning they can be more difficult getting up and down kerbs, they also aren’t as compact when folded, when compared to a side-by-side buggy.

Whichever option you choose, it’s best to have a push of both a twin and tandem before you buy anything.

If you’re after a buggy for twins or a pushchair for a baby and toddler check these out:

Things to think about before buying a double pushchair:

Weight: Having two babies in a pushchair can make even the lightest double buggy hard work when pushing it around, popping it up a kerb or carrying it up and down stairs. So make sure you’re happy with the weight of the pushchair before you buy it.

Age range: It’s worth noting that although some tandem buggies are sold with a ‘suitable to and from’ weight range, it varies widely for each pushchair.  With tandem buggies if you add a second seat it often limits the weight you can put in the buggy over all.  For instance, a buggy can be advertised as suitable up to 25kg, but that’s not necessarily for each seat, it may be for both children, meaning each seat can only take a maximum of 12.5kg.  It’s best to check the manual of a pushchair to find out its maximum usage, as each model is different.   The great thing about a side-by-side buggy is that if it is advertised as suitable up to 17kg, both seats will be suitable up to 17kg.

Width:  There’s no getting away from it, a double buggy will either be wider or longer than a single pushchair, so before you pick the double buggy of your choice, measure your doors and hallways to make sure it fits and you have space to store it.

Lying flat: For a pushchair to be suitable from birth with twins, it’ll either need two lie-flat carrycots or two completely lie-flat seats.  If you drive, you’ll probably find it handy to be travel system compatible, and fit two infant car seats on the frame as well.

Before you purchase a  buggy, you need to decide if a twin pushchair really is for you – our guide to deciding between a twin or tandem buggy and our step-by-step buyer’s guide to double buggies will help you find what’s best for your needs.

How much will a double buggy cost?

Style aside, there’s also a wide price range. So, we’ve selected 10 of the best double buggies, ranging from £140 to more than £1300, to help you decide what works for your babies – and your budget.

Of course, before you spend a penny, make sure you see our step-be-step buyer’s guide to double buggies, and find out whether a twin or tandem is the best double buggy option for you.

See the best ever double buggies you can buy

1. The iCandy Orange, £875

Best for: growing with your family buggy

Weight: 12.5kg in single mode, 15.5kg in double mode

Age suitable for: Birth (with carrycot) – 25kg (around 4 years) in single mode or 15kg (around 3 years) each seat used in double mode

Travel system compatible: Yes, you can add two car seats at once if you purchase a second set of adapters (£28)

Our testers loved the iCandy Orange, naming it the gold winner of our double pushchair category for its fabulous design which grows with your family, from newborn upwards.

Flexibility is its calling card – as a travel system, it allows for over 30 configurations and combinations, with the seat unit holding up to 25kgs and integrated ride-on board.

It’s particularly great for twins, as in double mode you can use the unique riser adapters to create a cinema seat design, allowing both little ones to maintain eye contact with mum or dad.

As you’d expect from an iCandy, it has a freestanding fold with an added automatic lock, and the lie flat carrycot is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping (no need for a separate Moses basket). Other excellent features include a roomy 10kg shopping basket, large extendable hood, and removable front and back wheels (useful for smaller car boot spaces). As a travel system, it is compatible with a number of car seats including the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix, BeSafe iZiGo and Kiddy Evo Lunafix.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the iCandy Orange:

“A really fantastic double buggy. The best I’ve used. It can be configured incredibly easily in so many different ways – both with a carrycot or two seats. The integrated buggy board is excellent – no more tripping over sticking-out-buggy boards!” Mum of 2, Sonali

“The Orange has been incredibly well thought out in terms of lasting for a long time, as the integrated ride on board means it can be used from newborn, to baby and toddler, to toddler and preschooler – what a great idea. It is robust, looks good and the carrycot is spacious. The different configurations mean families can find the right set up to suit them.” MadeForMums Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

Read our full review of the iCandy Orange here.

You can buy the iCandy Orange from Precious Little One, and John Lewis.

2. Hybrid by BabyStyle, from £449

Best for: evenly-sized seats buggy

Weight: 15.4kg

Age suitable for: From 6 months up to 15kg per seat

Travel system compatible: Yes, compatible with several seats including Maxi-Cosi Pebble

This is a great value tandem stroller that wowed tetsers with a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on quality.

In Edge mode, it has larger rear wheels on a wider axle, so you can easily add an additional seat unit or carrycot. As a tandem, our judges loved the fact the seats are evenly sized (no squabbling over who gets the larger seat) and come with height adapters to create more space for your children. These also put the seat unit at dining table height, perfect for your mums’ meeting at Starbucks.

When you’re travelling with just one passenger, it can be used as a compact single stroller in City mode, making the most of the smaller rear wheels and narrow axle to manoeuvre busy shops and pavements. It folds down easily to a compact size, has lockable quick-release wheels, and a host of other great features including adjustable handle and footrest, a reversible seat frame, puncture-resistant tyres and an extendable shopping basket.

The Hybrid can be used as part of a travel system with compatible car seats including the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix, the Kiddy Evo Luna i-Size and BeSafe.

What our MadeForMums Testers say about Hybrid by BabyStyle:

“The first thing that stood out with regards to the hybrid edge is the lovely design and wide range of colour options. I love the gender-neutral stonewash colour and the wide, spacious carrycot. It felt light when pushed and for my tall toddler, the seat was wide and a very good length, which means we can get a lot of use out of it.” Mum of 2, Ijeoma

“I LOVE this pushchair! As a mum with two pre-schoolers who regularly walks and uses public transport, this pushchair ticks all the boxes: the seats are of equal size to accommodate two growing children, unlike other tandems on the market where one seat is smaller than the other. I love the fact that the design means the bottom seat doesn’t compromise space in the shopping basket – the adjustable footrest means there’s plenty of room for my baby’s feet as well as shopping. The rain canopies are really generous, and I love the zip pockets in the back of each seat which are so handy. The engineering is really slick and it’s easy to adjust the seats and fold the chassis.” Mum of 3, Natalie

Read our full review of the Hybrid by Babystyle here.

You can buy the Hybrid by Babystyle from Pramworld, Baby Planet, and Amazon.

3. from £479

Best for: compact and narrow side-by-side buggy

Weight: 14.7kg

Age suitable for: Birth to 18kg (around 4 years – both seats)

Travel system compatible: Yes – two infant car seats can fit onto the buggy

The Duet is a flexible and compact buggy which can be converted from a single pushchair with a clip-on tote bag, to a nifty double side-by-side. It’s a great choice if you want your little ones to sit next to each other without the bulk you’d expect from this style of buggy, as the narrow frame (just 63cm) fits easily through most doorways.

This has been thoughtfully designed with the challenges of pushing two little ones in mind – a hand-operated control brake to slow down is especially handy as your passengers’ combined weight increases. The one-handed stand fold with automatic lock will also be appreciated by parents who are supervising double-trouble toddlers at the same time. The seats can lie flat to accommodate a newborn, or for a comfier nap space, but you can also use a carrycot.

What our MadeForMums testers say about the Mountain Buggy Duet:

“Fantastic slimline, double, lightweight and very affordable.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

“A double buggy which could fit through our doors in our house – amazing! Really impressed with the ease of manoeuvre and those big air-filled tyres take on any uneven terrain in their stride. The seats can easily recline, and the adjustable handle bar, drinks holder and spacious storage all made our journeys super convenient. The handle brake was also useful going down steep hills! The duet makes travelling with two very easy!”  Mum of 2, Rebecca

Read our full Mountain Buggy Duet review.

You can buy the Mountain Buggy Duet from: BuggyBaby, John Lewis and Amazon.

4. Bugaboo Donkey 2, £1,049

Best for: flexible use buggy

Weight: 15.3kg

Age suitable for: Birth up to 17kg

Travel system compatible: Yes – you can buy twin adapters (59.95) for a range of car seats

The latest version of the much-loved Donkey has plenty to recommend it as a two-passenger ride. Even when loaded up with your little ones and whatever you pack into the expandable storage baskets (side and underseat!) it promises a smooth, comfortable ride you can steer with just one hand. It has a front swivel wheels and neat turning circle – useful when you’re wiggling onto the bus or round narrow shop aisles. When you’re visiting the beach use the two-wheeled position, and you can easily tackle tougher terrain such as gravel or snow by locking the front wheels.

All-wheel suspension and foam-filled tyres mean your children can nap undisturbed by any bumps on the path, and in summer parents will love the flip-flop friendly brake.

What our MadeForMums Testers say about the Bugaboo Donkey 2:

“I really like the versatility of this buggy and all the different configurations. Switching between mono/duo takes no time at all and the concept is very clever. I love the design – it looks and feels very high quality, and the seats are really comfortable for my little ones. The harness and adjustable straps are so easy to use compared with others.” Mum of 2, Carolyn

“This is a great looking buggy that would really appeal to parents with an eye for style, and it is perfect for a growing family. I would recommend it to parents with a bit of money to spend, looking to invest in a buggy that would see them through any additions to their family.” Mum of 3, Alice

Read our full review of the Bugaboo Donkey Duo here

Buy the Bugaboo Donkey from BugabooJohn Lewis and Mothercare.


5. My Babiie Billie Faiers MB22 Grey Chevron Twin Stroller, £199

Best for: great value buggy

Weight: 15.6kg

Age suitable for: From birth up to 15kg per seat

Travel system compatible: No

This versatile stroller is great value. The lightweight aluminium frame makes it easy to manoeuvre, while TOWIE star mum Billie Faiers’ signature grey chevron design gives it a stylish edge.

The three-positions hoods have a useful storage pockets and a viewing window on the back so you can keep an eye on your little ones, while the five-point harness and adjustable leg rests ensure they are comfy and safe.

It also comes with lockable front swivel wheels, rear suspension with impact cushioning and a host of freebies such as a cupholder and raincover.

You can buy the My Babiie Billie Faiers MB22 Grey Chevron Twin Stroller from: Amazon, Pramworld and My Babiie.


6. Red Kite Push Me Twini, £199.99

Best for: Lightweight double buggy

Weight: 10kg

Age suitable for: Birth – 15kg (around 3 years – both seats)

Travel system compatible: No

This award-winning twin pushchair hit all the right notes, with its independently reclining seats and super easy fold.

Both seats feature a 5-point harness and multiple recline options for newborns and older babies. The stroller also comes with two footmuffs, a rain cover and a large shopping basket.

At just 10kg, this is a lightweight side-by-side pushchair and the one-hand fold taking it down to 42cm x 74cm x 80cm makes it practical too.

Check out our full review of the Push Me Twini

You can buy this double stroller from: Amazon, Argos or Tesco.


7. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo, £399

Best for: city buggy

Weight: 9kg

Age suitable for: Newborn – 3 years (with cocoon), 6 months – 3 years (without cocoon)

Travel system compatible: No

The new nano duo is super-light at just 9kg, and specifically designed for city-dwellers who need an easy-to-push side-by-side buggy around town.

Your little ones will be comfy thanks to the adjustable leg rests, full-coverage sun canopies and rear-wheel suspension, while the large shopping basket can accommodate everything you pick up at the shops.

You can buy the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo from: Mountain Buggy, Pram Centre  and Pram World.


8. Britax B-Ready, £520

Best for: Quick and compact fold double buggy

Weight: 17kg

Age suitable for: Birth – 17kg (main seat – around 4 years) and 6 months to 17kg in second seat

Travel system compatible: Yes – two infant car seats can fit onto the buggy

This smooth-riding buggy can fold with both seats attached and has a total weight of 15.5kg when in tandem mode. If you want to use it for twins from birth, simply add two carrycots (£125 each).

It’s travel system compatible, with the integrated Click and Go receivers that take all Britax infant car seats, and features include a large hood with UPF 50+ sun protection, four colour options, height adjustable handle and reversible seats.

Read our full review of the Britax B-Ready here.

You can buy the B Ready from: Amazon, Kiddicare and Precious Little One.


9. Babystyle Egg Tandem, £1008

Best for: Making a style statement

Weight: 17.5kg

Age suitable for: Birth – 25kg (main seat – around 5 years) and 15kg in second seat (around 3 years)

Travel system compatible: Yes – two infant car seats can fit onto the buggy

A convertible buggy that’s design is based on the clean lines of a hen’s egg (hence the egg connection), the pushchair features a distinctively curved seat unit and rounded chassis.

The chassis is strong, and despite its bulky frame is very easy to steer and push, which is one of the reasons why our MFM mum called it “a fantastic pushchair for anyone with either twins or a baby and toddler.”

Check out the full review of the Egg buggy here

You can buy the Egg from: Kiddies Kingdom and Direct2Mums.


10. Joie Aire Twin, £140

Best for: Budget double buggy

Weight: 11.6kg

Age suitable for: Around six months to 15kg (around 3 years – both seats)

Travel system compatible: No

It may cost less than £150, but this twin stroller has been carefully thought out, with reversible seat liners – so you can choose blue or pink or a combination of the two – and multi-position seats and leg rests.

A lightweight 11.6kg, it has a one-handed, freestanding fold, removable bumper bar, and deep shopping basket.

Plus it comes with a rain cover included, so no need to buy any extras.

Buy the Joie Aire Twin stroller from: Amazon


11. Out ‘N’ About Nipper Sport Double V4, £534.95

Best for: A jogging/running double buggy

Weight: 11.5kg

Age suitable for: Newborn to 22kg (around 4 years – both seats)

Travel system compatible: Yes – two infant car seats can fit onto the buggy

Designed for parents who want to combine fitness with a pushchair for two little ones, this dedicated running buggy can be used out on every terrain.

It’s got extra-large 16-inch wheels, and a fixed front wheel for added stability, plus features especially designed for running, like the hand brake lever, that can be used for slowing down.

The lightweight, aluminium frame weighs 11.5kg, and each of the independently reclining seats can be used to 22kg, or around 4 years.

Just note that although it can be used from newborn, it’s only recommended for jogging from when your little one is 6 months old.

Read our full review of the Out N About Nipper Sport Double here.

Buy the Out N About Nipper Sport Double from PramworldUber Kids, and Amazon.


12. Tutti Bambini Arlo, £530

Best for: customising for your family

Weight: 12.5kg

Age suitable for: Birth up to 15kg

Travel system compatible: Yes – the upper seat can hold a car seat

The multi combination Arlo is designed to grow with your family, and can be used as a single, twin or tandem pushchair from birth.

The removable seats are forward and rear facing (just adjust for a newborn who’s seeking eye contact or a curious toddler who wants to navigate for you!), and you can single-hand fold while they’re attached. The handle is height adjustable too, making it comfy for both parents to use, and it’s both car seat and carrycot compatible.

You can buy the Tutti Bambini Arlo from: Tutti Bambini.


13. Silver Cross Wave, £995

Best for:Making a style statement

A convertible buggy that’s from the brand with Royal credentials, the Silver Cross Wave certainly looks the part for those wanting a luxurious ride for their little ones.

The chassis is strong, it is super easy to convert between single and double, and it is very easy to steer and push.

For £995 you get all you need for a newborn and toddler with a carrycot and seat included, as well as the tandem adapters. An additional carrycot is £275, while a second seat unit costs £250, so if you want the whole package for twins it will set you back £1520.

Our MFM mum reviewer loved that “it’s a luxury item that feels really sturdy”, pointing out the “swift stress-free conversion from single to double is a massive plus”.

Check out the full review of the Silver Cross Wave here

You can buy the Silver Cross Wave from John Lewis and Baby Planet.

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