Simon Cowell’s son Eric annoys passenger on plane

It happens to us all! A fellow passenger tutted, complained and asked to be moved away from noisy baby Eric


Ah, how becoming a parent changes us! We can imagine a time when music mogul Simon Cowell had little patience with noisy children on airplanes. He’d be jet-setting from one high-powered business meeting to the next, and the last thing he’d want is to be disturbed by baby whines and toddler tantrums.


But now he’s a dad, Simon’s had to learn how to deal with his own screaming tot and take the flak from irritated passengers.

While flying from London to Miami, 13-month-old Eric started getting restless and one of his fellow passengers began to tut and sigh about the tot’s crying. Eventually, he complained to the crew and asked to be moved away from the X Factor judge and his baby.

No surprise then that Simon took to Twitter to vent his frustration as soon as the plane landed.


“Just arrived in Miami. The @British_Airways team were great,” he tweeted. “Eric travelled with us but one really really grumpy man complained. A Lot! He asked to be moved. Complained to the staff. And there was a lot of sighing and tutting. The other passengers were amazing.”

Aww, we’ve all been there Si. Interesting that he calls him a “grumpy man” – seem to remember Simon’s been called that a few times. 

How do you cope with tutting strangers when your baby kicks off on a plane or in the supermarket? Let us know in the comments below…

Photo: Twitter / Simon Cowell

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