Sir Elton’s son eyes his dad’s pop crown

As the new Dad of Pop reclaims the top spot in the UK album charts, son Zachary shows signs of following in his footsteps


In the ultimate case of like father, like son, Sir Elton John has revealed that his musical talents may already be in the process of being passed on to 19-month-old Zachary. In a heart-warming display of affection Zachary first recognised his tune toting father, exclaiming ‘Daddy!’ whilst being shown footage of the pop star’s Jubilee Concert performance earlier this year.


Little Zachary will potentially face filling one of the biggest pairs of shoes in pop. His famous father’s superstar status was further cemented this weekend as he once more stormed the album charts, reaching the coveted number one spot with Good Morning to the Night – a dance collaboration with Australian electro-duo Pnau and Elton’s first number one album since his ‘Best of’ collection back in 1990.

Elton, nominated last year along with partner David Furnish for Celebrity Dad of the Year, encourages his son’s creativity by making sure his son is privy to exclusive music performances. “[Zachary] comes out when the stadium is empty and sits down on the piano stool with me. He plays and looks into the microphone and thinks ‘What the hell is going on here?’” reports the Belfast Telegraph. Interestingly, the parenting pair has never revealed which dad is the biological father which could spark a great nature or nurture debate over Zachary’s musical taste.


The pair have also reaffirmed that they will not be stopping at just one child and would love to have a sibling for Zachary. “At what stage we don’t know, but we definitely will. I don’t want him to be an only child,” they added.

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