Six-year-old sends David Cameron her ‘tooth fairy’ money

Niamh Riley hoped her £1 donation would help pay for jobs – but Downing Street sent it back!


After hearing about the recent cuts on child benefits, 6-year-old Niamh Riley dug deep under her pillow and decided to send Prime Minister David Cameron a little donation to help things along!


The PM received £1 along with a letter from Niamh offering the pound coin in a bid to help “make the country better and pay for jobs”. Niamh, from Greater Manchester, later watched David Cameron mention her letter on TV, where he said, “I got a letter from a 6-year-old girl with a pound coin stuck to it.” He then joked to the Chancellor George Osborne, “There we are George, nearly there!”


However, the £1 Niamh sent to Downing Street was returned to sender, citing rules that Number 10 aren’t able to accept gifts! But dad-of-four David wrote to Niamh and advised her to spend it on something nice or start saving for the future.


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