SMS text decides baby’s name

Couple sends SMS to Q&A text service to decide on daughter’s name.


When Rob and Kimberley King, from Surrey, couldn’t agree on a name for their newborn daughter, they got in touch with a text message question-and-answer service for help.


Dad Rob wanted to call their daughter Eryn, but mum Kimberley liked the name Frankie. They sent a text to Any Questions Answered, asking, “What shall we name our new baby girl? Surname is King so be careful.”

Two minutes later they received a text from Any Questions Answered. It said, “You should call your baby girl Elouise. Elouise King has a noble ring to it. She won’t go far wrong in life with such a majestic sounding name.”

Rob and Kimberley were both happy with the name, and have decided to use it.

“At the beginning we wondered what people would think about how we came up with the name but now we think it’s just a nice story,” Rob has said.

Baby Elouise joins older sister Charlotte. How they decided on Charlotte, we’re not sure…


How did you decide your baby’s name? Let us know…

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