Sneak preview from the world’s biggest baby gear show

Our live update from Cologne's huge nursery fair where we're getting exclusive access to brand new buggies, car seats, carriers and a host of innovative parenting products


We’ve got front row passes for the world’s biggest nursery trade fair, Kind + Jugend, in Cologne, Germany – and the show is massive! It’s bustling with 1000s of shiny prams, hi-tech car seats, high chairs with attitude and ergonomic baby carriers – basically amazing stuff that will hit the UK market later this year or early 2016. Oh, and possibly the most expensive pram we’ve ever seen (above) – but more on that later.


We’re here to spot the next big things – the must-have buggy, the time-saving gadget, the extra-safe car seat or the one thing that will change the way you parent…

They’ll all be here and more. So for the next 2 days, we’ll be reporting live from the show, whenever we see a showstopper, a *Marmite* item or a ‘WTF’ product.


Car seat not sitting straight? Here’s the answer

We’re with car seat and buggy makers Britax, getting a sneak preview of a smart solution to the issue we highlighted yesterday – when car seats don’t fit properly in your car. New research suggests this could affect nearly 40% of car seats because the angle of a car’s back seat varies hugely across models. Britax is developing a car seat base that has 4 positions, so it can sit level, no matter the angle of your car’s seating. Genius. But you’ll have to wait until summer next year to get it.

Plus we got first view of Secure Guard (pic above), which turns a 3 point harness on Group 2,3 seats into a 4 point one. It also holds your child’s lap belt in place – no matter how squirmy your child is.


Is it a baby, toddler or child car seat? No, it’s a Milestone

We heard whispers of a birth-to-child car seat at last year’s show but now Graco is the first company to have built such an amazing product designed to go on sale in the UK.

This is real innovation. The pics above show one car seat in all of its configurations – rear-facing for newborns to 13kg, forward facing to around 4 years and then the full-back booster seat till 11/12 years.

Probably the biggest shock is the price – it’s set to go on sale for just £179.99, which is less than the price of many baby car seats that only last for the first 9-12 months.

There’s going to be lots of TV advertising when it’s launched early in the New Year.


How much?!

This is the Silver Cross Special Edition Rose Gold Balmoral – fit for a Princess Charlotte perhaps? This amazing pram is rumoured to cost *cough* £40K and we heard yesterday that Silver Cross sold not one but two yesterday morning…


Buggies just keep getting lighter

A brand new buggy brand has made its entrance at this year’s show – GB. And it’s launching with a corker. It’s an ultra lightweight stroller that was displayed floating off the ground – oh, if buggies could only really float along in real life…

Plus this double buggy on the right – the GLuxe Double from UPPAbaby weighs just 7.6kg – that’s lighter than most single buggies.


A carrier for a bike – really?

This has to fall into the ‘WTF’ category. A designer has prototyped a carrier that has an additional hard shell that means you can ride your bike safely while your baby is strapped to you. Apparently…

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