SNEAK PREVIEW: Where The Wild Things Are

We reveal the first images of this much-loved story as it comes to the silver screen


Where The Wild Things Are

Despite only being nine sentences long, Maurice Sendak’s magical adventure story, Where the Wild Things Are, topped the all time children’s books in the 1970s and has remained a firm favourite until this day.


Loved so much worldwide that it has been made into a Hollywood film, which is set to hit the UK cinemas December 11. Directed by Spike Jonze and produced by Tom Hanks, the 1963 illustrated classic has been brought to life using part live-action, part puppetry and computer-animated visuals, appealing to children and parents alike.

An impressive list of actors have lent their voices for the film, including The Sopranos actor James Gandolfini and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker as well as newcomer Max Records who plays the main character Max, the lonely but adventure-hungry little boy.

Shot in Melbourne, Australia, the film boasts breathtaking scenes set in sand dunes, sea shores and fire-ravaged woods as it follows Max as he imagines running away to an island inhabited by giant creatures.

Letting his imagination rule his head, Max embarks onto a magical journey to where the ‘wilds’ live and becomes their wolf-suited king. Max eventually learns the real reason why he has wanted to escape to this imaginary land and heads back home – where he is greeted with a yummy hot dinner from his mum.

We’ve got five still images to check out from the fantastical film, Where The Wild Things Are, which is released nationwide on December 11.  If you cannot wait until then, check out the trailer here.

Where The Wild Things Are

Walk this way!

Max runs through his imaginary ‘kingdom’ with a fellow ‘wild thing’.

Where The Wild Things Are

Riding high

Max hitches a ride on the shoulder of a ‘wild thing’ as he checks out his new-found kingdom.

Where The Wild Things Are

Crown jewels

Max is crowned king of the island with a gold plated crown.

Where The Wild Things Are

Your rule!

The ‘wild things’ gather round to listen to King Max’s next move on his magical island.

Where The Wild Things Are

Follow me…

Leading his friend into the mystical desert, Max walks through visually stunning backgrounds.

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