‘Snow babies’ reveal how couples kept warm in last year’s wintery weather!

Freezing temperatures and snowfall of last winter has caused the biggest baby boom ever in the UK


Almost 10,000 more newborns than average were born between September and November last year – nine months after temperatures plummeted during last winter’s ‘big freeze.’


Couples snuggling together to keep warm during the freezing weather has caused a massive spike in Britain’s birth rate, according to new figures from The NHS Information Centre.

And it looks like midwives are bracing themselves for another baby boom this autumn, after snow kept millions of would-be-parets cosying up indoors when the big freeze hit Britain again last December.

The number of deliveries in NHS hospitals in Britain and Wales in October last year was up 8.5%.

It weren’t just us ‘normal’ people looking for other ways to keep warm – many celebs joined the winter baby boom statistics and conceived during this time, as pop star Rachel Stevens gave birth to daughter Amelie in November, Noel Gallagher’s son Sonny was born in October and Jamie Oliver’s fourth child Buddy Bear arrived in September. 


Did you conceive your baby during the UK snow storms?

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