Three months after the birth of her third son Ray Holiday, gorgeous singer Sophie Ellis Bexter has said that being able to carry her third baby to term without complications was a huge relief.


With both of her first two pregnancies, Sophie suffered from pre-eclampsia and sons Sonny, now 8, and Kit, 3, were delivered prematurely.

Most women suffering from pre-eclampsia, or pregnancy–induced high blood pressure, tend to be delivered by Caesarean once the condition is diagnosed.

Sonny, who was born nine weeks early, was kept in hospital for five weeks after the birth and Kit, who was eight weeks early, weighed only 2lb 10oz at birth and was placed in an incubator.

Sophie, who is married to The Feeling’s Richard Jones, says she doesn’t particularly feel the need for a daughter even though she lives in a household full of boys.

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“I don’t feel outnumbered in terms of being a girl and I don’t especially want a daughter – though perhaps Richie and I do feel outnumbered in terms of children!

“What genders my children were wasn’t important to me – it was really just the tip of the iceberg – the important thing is that my kids are all here and all healthy,” Sophie revealed.

Sophie also said that although she shifted most of the baby weight, she didn’t feel she’d quite got back her pre-pregnancy figure.

“I’m still breastfeeding, so I’m not really thinking about that,” she admitted.


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