Toddler snacktime made easy

The Loopa Gyro Bowl doesn’t rely on its lid to keep food in the bowl and off furniture and floors. The Loopa has inner bowls that swivel and rotate 360 degrees to ensure your toddler’s food stays in the bowl, no matter what way your toddler tilts, tips or swings it when the lid is off. Basically, the inner bowl ‘catches’ the contents as they tip about.


It's made of bright, BPA-free plastic, and could easily be mistaken for a toy!

The product was the invented by Melinda and Brad Shepard, a mum and dad who live in the USA. As you’ve probably guessed, the idea came from their own parenting experiences – namely, picking crushed cereal up from the backseat of their minivan!

You’ll find this amazing bowl goes under the name ‘Spill Resistant Food Bowl’ in the UK, through Babytec, and costs £4.99.

Head to the Loopa Bowl website to find more about the Loopa story, and click through to see this spill resistant food bowl from all angles...

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Funky looks and little feet

The Loopa Gyro Bowl, the spill resistant food bowl for toddlers, has feet that allow it to stand upright on flat surfaces. The bottom part can be twisted off to make cleaning easy. And, all three pieces can go in the dishwasher.


Handle without care!

The spill resistant Loopa Gyro Bowl works by using a counterweighted bowl-within-a-bowl that rotates and swivels, keeping dry food in no matter what angle its at. The handles around the outside are easy to grip for little hands, too.