Speedo swimmers banned

Alton Towers says ‘no’ to tight men’s swimming trunks


Alton Towers has banned Speedos and other tight-fitting swimming trunks, reports the Metro.


Alton Towers explained the ban was to “prevent embarrassment” and to “maintain the family friendly atmosphere”. It seems during the hot weather, several men wore the offending swimwear.

The tight swimmers are “more suited to Spain than Staffordshire,” a spokesman has been quoted as saying.

“To prevent embarrassment among fellow members of the public and to maintain the family friendly atmosphere at the resort, bosses have taken the extreme measure of banning these tight trunks from their popular water park located within the Splash Landings Hotel.

“While women may hail the return of the skimpy bathers, the style itself is not deemed public or family friendly, and therefore we are requesting that male swimmers wear more appropriate styles such as board shorts. The resort is also considering introducing mandatory bikini waxing for men, in a bid to prevent unsightly hair from being on display,” Alton Towers said. Bikini waxing? Ouch! That might just take the ‘fun’ out of a ‘fun family day out’!


Do you wish all water parks insisted on something more modest for the men folk, or are Speedos no worse than bikinis? Let us know below…


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