Spelling stayed ‘well-groomed’ during pregnancy

Tori Spelling refused to let herself go while pregnant

While most of us would prefer to remain tight-lipped about those more intimate grooming necessities, Tori Spelling has revealed to the world how she kept fuzz-free while pregnant.


The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress said that despite her bump, she refused to let her bikini line get out of control and even employed the services of hubby Dean McDermott to help.

She writes in Mommywood that she “wasn’t prepared for losing sight of my lower region” and had to get McDermott to check whether it needed a trim!

“Dean had to shave me. He’d hold up a mirror and say ‘How’d I do?’ Or he’d take a picture with his Blackberry to show me,” she revealed.

Well, it just goes to show that being pregnant doesn’t always equal unwanted fuzz in the nether regions!


Spelling and McDermott welcomed their first child Liam in March 2007 and their second, a daughter named Stella, arrived in June 2008.

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