SPOILER ALERT – Doctor Who pregnancy riddle

Lead character spotted with a baby bump – but is Who the daddy?

Sneak pictures from the set of the time travelling series, Doctor Who reveals leading lady Amy Pond sporting a very round baby bump. However, with the identity of the father in question, could the Doctor be about to become a dad?


The adventurous couple have been seen flirting in a previous episode, sparking rumours that the on-screen pair might finally get it together and could become parents in the episode to be aired on May 15. However, the leaked scenes are set five years into the future, and with Amy paired up with a new fiancé, fans will be left wondering how and why she is pregnant.

“Viewers will have to wait and see how the pregnancy came about, but as always with Doctor Who, things aren’t always as they appear,” a source told the Daily Mail.


With the time lord’s assistant and the Doctor set to have their first kiss in this Saturday’s episode, we know who our money’s on…

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