Heather Trott gives birth to baby boy - but who's the daddy?

Eastenders’ loveable but unlucky-in-love shop assistant Heather Trott has been carrying a secret around with her for nine months – the identity of her unborn baby’s daddy!

Newborn George Michael, named after Heather’s all-time favourite idol, was conceived after a drunken one-night stand at Walford’s R&R nightclub on Valentine’s night. The identity of the dad-to-be has never been revealed.

After giving birth to little George in tonight’s episode of the soap, fellow Eastender Patrick Truman urges Heather to contact the dad. Following a heart-felt discussion with best mate Shirley Carter, the new mum leaves a voicemail on the mystery man’s phone in Friday’s episode.

But who’s the daddy? The men who are in the frame as the possible daddy to George Michael are hard man Phil Mitchell, hapless Billy Mitchell, ex-husband Minty Petersen and teenage car dealer, Darren Miller.

In the teasing plot after the voicemail is sent, Minty is seen rushing out of his house after receiving a message on his phone, while elsewhere Phil is seen taking a mysterious phone call. Billy is also seen dashing off to a hospital after receiving a phone call and the youngest potential father, Darren, 18, is in the process of announcing his engagement to girlfriend Libby when he gets a text message…

The ‘who’s the daddy’ cliff hanger has been closely guarded by the Eastenders producers, with the actress Cheryl Fergison being sworn to secrecy! “If I had a pound for every person who has asked me who the father is, I’d have a lovely house in Majorca,” she told Inside Soap magazine.

Who do you think the daddy is? Find out this Friday on Eastenders.


Billy Mitchell?

The hapless and equally unlucky-in-love dad of two is first in the frame. With all his time taken up running after mischievious surrogate son Jay, when would he find the time to go out clubbing and ultimately end up between the sheets with Heather?

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Darren Miller?

Jack-the-lad turned entrepeneur, Darren could be seen as a prime target with his youthful good looks and cheeky charm - that's if he wasn't head over heels in love with girlfriend Libby!

Surely Heather could eat him alive? Would he have escaped in one piece?


Minty Petersen?

Cuddly Minty is always getting himself into a pickle on the Square, so getting ex-wife (who he married to win a competition!) pregnant is surely something he would fall into...isn't it?

We all know Heather had a super crush on the sweet natured mechanic, so will they end up together as a happy family of three?


Phil Mitchell?

No need for an introduction - tough-man Phil is something of a ladies man (although not quite sure how...). With his powers of persuasion and his seductive bald head, how could a woman refuse?!

If it is Phil - Heather, how could you?!