SPOILER ALERT: Gavin and Stacey: Who gets baby Neil?

Final series sees Nessa and Smithy come to terms with parenthood

The last time we saw Gavin and Stacey characters, Nessa and Smithy, they were arguing over what to call their baby son, and in the new series, the path of parenthood doesn’t run very smoothly for the pair.


The final episode of Series Two saw Smithy make it to the hospital just in time for baby Neil’s birth. Series Three kicks off in dramatic style on November 26th with a big reunion, as everyone gathers for Neil’s christening. But how will Smithy react to news from Nessa that it’s a double celebration? He’s already coming to terms with life in Essex without best mate Gavin, who’s moved to Wales with Stacey, while Nessa is adjusting to living with Dave in his caravan.

Later on in the series, Dave becomes jealous when Nessa takes baby Neil to Essex to visit Smithy – could Neil’s parents be getting close again? It seems so, as Smithy begins to question their friendship, and Episode 3 sees him get in a state about seeing Nessa following their most recent embarrassing meeting!


The final series was filmed earlier this year and actress Ruth Jones, who plays Nessa and co-writes the series, said, “I imagine I’m going to have some sad afternoon when I’m very lonely and old and I put on the Nessa wig and remember when I used to say, ‘what’s occurring?’ I’m completely going to miss playing her.”


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