SPOILER ALERT - EastEnder daddy culprits unveiled...

There seems to be something in the water on EastEnders at the moment, with Heather Trott and Zainab Massod already involved in pregnancy plots. Now, another leading character is about to join the club – Stacey Slater.


Spotted by eagle eyed EastEnders fans, the actress was apparently seen sporting a baby bump whilst filming scenes for next year. Unlucky in love Stacey Slater is set to become a mum, but who is the daddy?

After being diagnosed with bipolar, viewers saw her grow close to her ex-husband Bradley Branning who was getting ready to emigrate to Canada with his on-screen girlfriend, Syd. Stacey, played by actress Lacey Turner, was eventually sectioned and taken to a psychiatric ward after revealing that she was seeing her and Bradley’s daughter – a baby she’d aborted three years ago.

Unfortunately, Bradley left Stacey behind and set off to Canada but rumours are circulating that the ex-couple will rekindle their romance in 2010. In the meantime, Stacey went off the rails whilst suffering from depression, and had a one-night stand with handsome newcomer, Ryan Molloy, plus various unknown men. Leaving the big question: Who is the dad?

Check out the line-up and let us know who you think the daddy might be below…

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