Stacey Solomon introduces her baby son Leighton and shares details about the birth in an exclusive interview this week with The Sun.


The X Factor finalist, who gave birth to her second son just three weeks ago, reveals how easy labour was the second time around, and shares how baby Leighton is doing.

“Leighton is such a good baby. He’s very alert but he’s also calm and happy to sit there and watch what’s going on,” Stacey said.

“Labour was surprisingly wonderful,” she said.

“I had a really hard time with Zach, so compared to that, this was a dream. It was two-and-a-half hours. I got to Queen’s hospital in Romford at 10am on May 5,” she said.

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“Leighton was born at 12.30pm, weighing 7lb 7oz and perfect,” Stacey added.

Stacey, who was spotted last week strolling with Leighton in his buggy, revealed that she was able to go home the same day Leighton was born.

“I was back home and in my own bed that evening. It was as if I’d just gone to the shops and come back with a baby,” said Stacey.

The singer revealed that, after seeing how easy Leighton’s birth was, her fiancé Aaron joked about having more babies. “Aaron said, ‘If it’s that easy, we’ll have loads.’ I have to remember it’s not always like that. With Zach, it was 37 hours,” Stacey said.

Aaron also revealed how he felt at the birth. “It was emotional at the birth. The moment he came out, I felt like time had stopped,” he said. “Then I heard him cry and it was such a relief. All of a sudden, it gets you. When I held him, I felt so overwhelmed.”

The I’m a Celebrity winner, who has shared her experience of postnatal depression (PND) in her autobiography, said she’s really happy at the moment.

“I know exactly what postnatal depression feels like, so if it happens again, I know how to deal with it,” she said.

“I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got a lovely family, a wonderful fiancé, my own home and a brilliant job,” she said.

It seems like Stacey’s on top of the world! Congrats Stacey, from all at MFM HQ!

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