Who'd want to be a celebrity mum, eh? After reading the newspapers over the weekend and screaming into our cornflakes about this Stacey Solomon story, not us - that's for sure.


We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this "news" story, printed in a well-known red top, which shows mum of two and former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon adjusting herself in a bikini while on hols - probably being papped when she didn't even realise.

Next to her, the paper's put a pic of another X Factor star, Louisa Johnson (not a mum and a fair bit younger than our Stace) - also in a bikini.


Accompanying the photos, we read:

"X Factor stars Stacey Solomon and Louisa Johnson show it's a case of sinky pinky and perky while contrasting bikini styles."

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And the top caption next to Stacey reads: "Top flop: X Factor singer Stacey gets that sinking feeling." ?

We're REALLY glad to say Stacey didn't take this body-shaming lying down, sharing the article on her own Instagram account and commenting:

"I LOVE MY BODY... My boobs are a result of being pregnant & breastfeeding & I love them. I Am just as sexy!"

As you can imagine, Stacey's fans were quick to jump to her defence. One wrote:

"Unbelievable to compare a woman who has had children to an 18 year old girl. Who is allowed to print this utter drivel? And for the record I think you have an amazing body!! ?'

And another quipped angrily:

"What a ridiculous article! How on earth can you compare an 18 year old's boobs to a 26 year old who's had 3 children and breastfed? #bodyshaming at its finest. Absolute joke."

We have to say we're right behind Stacey and her fans on this one (was there any doubt?).

When you have babies of course your body changes, and - for the record, as the MFM team agrees - even if you don't breastfeed your boobs almost certainly won't look the same as they did before you had a baby.

Are you any less sexy? Errrr, no. We don't think so.

As for the rest of Stacey's getaway? Well, judging by her latest Twitter pic, she's not letting the body-shaming stop her from enjoying it...


"? ur comments so much. It Means a lot. currently swinging my saggy maggies around the pool on holiday with these 2?" she wrote beside the lovely family snap.

Well done Stacey for taking the haters on and showing them who's one rockin' mama ✋

Photos: Stacey Solomon on Instagram / Stacey Solomon on Twitter

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