Stay-at-home dads on the rise

One in seven families have a mum breadwinner, as more fathers become the primary carer for children, new survey shows.


There are now 10 times as many stay-at-home dads as there were a decade ago, a study has revealed.


With the closing of the gender pay gap, not only are women now able to be the family breadwinner, we could be earning more than men. Whilst 43% of fathers surveyed felt lucky to have the opportunity to bring up their children, 46% said the decision was made to enable the main earner to keep working.

The survey, for insurer Aviva, looked at 2,000 families with children. It found that 14% of those families had dad stay at home and look after the children. 

“The responsibilities of parents are shifting. There is no longer a norm for who does what in a family relationship,” said Louise Colley, from Aviva.

“The cost of childcare means many families feel it is not worthwhile for both parents to work, so it’s no surprise to see more men taking up the reins,” added Louise.

However, while some mums felt lucky to be able to go back to work, a third said they felt guilty for leaving their children. Further evidence suggested that women would rather stay at home. Would you?

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