Why Steven Gerrard’s sweet family snap is causing controversy

Instagram fans were less than impressed with his choice of caption...


England footballer Steven Gerrard’s latest Instagram seemed innocent enough at first glance.


It’s a gorgeous snap of his 3 blonde-haired daughters, Lilly-Ella, Lexie and Lourdes, looking lovingly at their new baby brother Lio, as one daughter holds him in her arms.

But this sweet family snap is causing a BIG stir online – all because of the caption Steven popped alongside it.

The 37-year-old star wrote next to the photo: “Looks like his ironing and washing is sorted when he gets older ??❤️”


Fans were quick to let Steven know that his ‘joke’ fell flat – accusing him of playing to the gender stereotype that girls should do the housework, and take care of the boys.

“I bet you took ages to come up with that retort and are super proud. Go you! ?” scolded one.

“He’s a father to three girls that ought to know better than to perpetuate this sexist pish in 2017,” explained another.

While one quipped: “How to ruin a gorgeous picture and disrespect your own family at the same time ?”

“That’s a little insulting to the girls,” a fellow Instagrammer began. “Is their purpose only to iron and do the laundry? Can’t they do anything else for their little brother aside from being his maid?

“I can’t believe that you had 3 beautiful girls but you chose to belittle their role as sisters.? So disappointed?”

Not all were offended by the caption, though – some of Steven’s fans suggested that it was ‘just a joke’.

“What if they really like doing their chores? Nowadays people get offended by anything, smh,” said one supporter.

But another commenter clapped back: “With four females in his house that’s exactly why this kind of “joke” is ill advised at best and ignorant at worst.”

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Image: Instagram/Steven Gerrard

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