10 stories that made us laugh in 2015

We've had some major chuckles in 2015 and here are our absolute favourites...


Here at MFM HQ, we’re a really lucky bunch in that there’s tons of fun stuff out there when it comes to the big, jolly world of parenting – and we get to see much of it.


Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite funny stories from last year. Remember the one where….

1. A little girl draws a picture to show her teacher what her mum does for a living – and makes her look like she’s a pole dancer (she’s so not a pole dancer…)

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2. A new mum decides to share some of her MOST embarrassing moments through a brilliant cartoon series

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3. An un-nappied newborn ends his photoshoot in a rather poo-tacular way

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4. Someone parodies all the stupid advice working mums get, and writes it for working dads. And it’s hilarious 

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5. A little girl scribbles her mum’s name on a £300 Michael Kors bag to be helpful. Ouch

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6. A kid draws a giraffe that looks a bit like a…well, see for yourself…

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7. A boy shows his maths working out in the best way ever

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8. A dad’s epic baby grow fail (he thinks the feet are scratch mitts) is actually quite a good idea

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9. There’s a doping scandal at the Muddy Puddle Championships

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10. An 11-year-old girl gives her dad a seriously bleak birthday card

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