Was this stranger right to shame mum on social media for leaving her baby in the car?

Was he right to post the video? Or is it unfair that parents so often face trial by social media?


It’s a hot day, you need to run into a store that’s just a few metres from where you’ve parked your car, and your baby is strapped into its car seat.


You know you are only going to be a couple of minutes and you can see the car from the shop.

Your baby is agitated and crying and would no doubt be even worse if unstrapped and taken in. It’s warm out, but you could leave the window open a bit… you are only going to be a MINUTE, after all…

It’s a quandary lots of us have faced with our kids at some point (remember the hoo-ha over Rachel Stevens doing this very thing last year?)

It’s fair to say though, that on balance, most of us decide it’s just not worth the risk – the ‘what ifs’ are just too great; even if you can see your baby from the store, you can’t stop another car smashing in to yours, or your baby suddenly choking on vomit.

And what if you get distracted? It only takes a split second for something to go horribly wrong. But of course, sometimes, mums (and dads) have to make a snap decision based on their situation at that time. And it’s hard to always judge it as a parent, right?  

Not so hard to judge it as a bystander though: check out this footage taken by Manny Williams of Richmond, California, who spotted a tiny baby in a car on a boiling hot day.

Outraged Manny not only filmed the scene – even showing the car registration number – he provided ongoing commentary on it as well, and accompanied it with these words:

“Caught this stupid chick leaving baby in car to get video game.had her 5 or 6 yr old other boy with her,but left baby in car over 20 min.only sent boy back by himself when I got on her first time before filming like that was OK..smh”

Manny’s video shows that the bubba – who it is claimed was just 3 months old – was also covered in blankets in its seat, despite the stifling heat.

Opinion has been divided on Manny’s actions – some people are saying it is not right to ‘mum shame’ – to post footage on social media of another parent doing something we don’t like, while others are totally supportive of his stance – the fact he cared enough about the baby’s welfare to get involved.

And obviously in this case, the baby was potentially at risk given the heat and the fact it was so distressed.  

So what do you think? While we are a little uncomfortable with this baby being left alone we’re not sure if putting the film on social media is the right thing to do.

Manny does say in the video that he would be handing it over to his local police department, who are reportedly now investigating, but should he have just phoned the police straight away?

Let us know your thoughts on whether you would ever leave your baby alone in the car, and what you would do if you saw an unattended little one in a vehicle (film, share and shame?). It’s quite the minefield opinion-wise! 

Pictures: Facebook/Manny Williams

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