Student develops ‘ipod’ for unborn babies

A pregnancy belt which plays music to babies in the womb has been unveiled.


A new belt has been developed which pregnant mums can strap to their bumps and use to play music to their unborn child.


The so-called Blaby Music Belt has been created by industrial design student Geoff Ramsay and allows women to pick which songs their baby hears.

It is compatible with mp3 players, including ipods, and music can also be downloaded from a computer or recorded by mum.

“A lot of mothers play music to their unborn child and I wanted to make it easier for them to do that,” said Mr Ramsay from Carleton University in Ottowa.

“I have had a lot of interest from manufacturers, so we are hopeful it could be in production soon.”

He added: “We wanted to let the mother record their own lullaby, so you can record anything you want on the belt, or simply play pre-recorded music.”

The belt has three speakers which point into the belly area and control buttons which have been sewn into the fabric.


It also features three tiny massagers at the back of the belt which help mum to relax after a long day. 

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