Study reveals why dads get a post-baby glow

Men say having a baby makes them feel more attractive


Spotted your man looking a little bit smug as he cradles your tiny baby, checking himself out in shop windows or glancing in every mirror he passes? Well, according to researchers, he’s not just loving being a new dad, he’s got the post-baby glow.


You may have enjoyed being told you were ‘glowing’ or ‘blooming’ during your pregnancy, but for men, seeing the physical embodiment of their masculinity does wonders for their ego, according to the latest study.

US researchers studied 182 men in their early twenties, who admitted becoming a dad had had the ‘hidden benefit’ of improving their self-image.

Experts believe that for men, seeing a miniature version of themselves makes them feel more masculine. Plus, men are said to get a boost from all the extra female attention they get when they’re with their newborn.

Lead researcher Alicia Cast, an associate professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara, says, “There’s lots of attention paid to how women think about themselves after childbirth but there’s been nothing that looked at men.”

So next time you’re out, don’t be so surprised when your man gallantly offers to push the buggy, just as you pass by a gaggle of excited women. Everyone loves an ego boost, eh?


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