Summer holiday childcare costs set to soar

Parents face huge price hikes for summer play schemes as councils struggle to keep up with demand


Working parents may have to fork out as much as £726 per child for childcare over the six-week summer holidays. Research by the Daycare Trust has warned that government cuts will hit families hardest over the break.


“We are extremely concerned that play services and holiday play schemes are falling victim to local government spending cuts,” said Anand Shukla, from the Daycare Trust. “If families are able to access childcare, then they can expect a hefty bill. Once again, we have seen an increase in the cost of holiday childcare this year.

“For those with two or more children, the cost of holiday childcare can run to thousands of pounds – equivalent cost of a family holiday abroad,” Anand added.

Because of government cuts, many councils have upped the price of holiday childcare massively, by nearly 50% in some areas. But many authorities admit that there are not enough places to go round, forcing some parents to pay even more for private childcare.

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