Sunburn for 48% of British children

Survey by Boots reveals we’re not as sun safe –or smart- as we should be


Nearly half of children in the UK have suffered sunburn at least once in their lives and 72% of adults don’t think they’ll get sunburnt on home turf because they believe it’s never hot enough a survey by Boots have suggested.


However, seeing as many people are opting for a ‘staycation’ this year due to tightening their budgets in the recession, these numbers may rise with scorching temperatures predicted in the UK this summer.

The study also found that 80% of adults were not aware that 4 tablespoons of sun cream is recommended as adequate body cover in the sun– or even what the difference is between SPF or UVB.

It’s not only adults who are lacking awareness about sun exposure – it seems the children have a lot to learn too. 9% of the children surveyed, thought that they can be protected from the sun by a ‘special drink,’ 64% didn’t realise that they could get a blister as a result of getting sunburnt and 11% believe that they only wear sun protection to GET a suntan. 

Celebrity mum of one, Edith Bowman has stepped in to support Boots’ new children’s story, ‘Fun in the Sun with Sunshine Sam,’ which aims to help our children understand the dangers of sun exposure.

“Being fair skinned myself, I’ve always been very conscious about getting sunburnt and now I have my son Rudy, it’s on my mind even more. It’s really important for both children and parents to be educated about the dangers of the sun,” Edith Bowman has explained.

The story with ‘Sunshine Sam’ can be downloaded on the Boots website with Edith as the narrator.

Keep your toddler safe in the sun during our heat wave and follow these guidelines, which should keep your toddler in good health throughout the summer months.


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