Super glue injection saving tots

New sticky development at Great Ormand Street Hospital is saving lives


Glue is being used to save the lives of children suffering with a rare condition that can kill in a matter of days.


The unusual method is being used at London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital, where the glue adhesive is injected to stop abnormal blood flow to the brain, known as ‘Vein of Galen Malformation.’ The condition strains the heart and babies can die within three days from heart failure or water on the brain.

During the glue treatment, the ‘Histoacryl’ adhesive is injected through a catheter into the baby’s groin, and the affected area of the brain is blocked.

Dr. Stefan Brew has now operated the ‘Vein of Galen’ on 50 children since the treatment was pioneered in 2003.

16-month-old Dafi Evans received the treatment at the hospital when he was born, and is now as healthy and full of energy as the next toddler.


Describing the treatment as “a miracle,” Dafi’s mum Catrin said: “I couldn’t believe how simple an operation it looks; it’s so non-invasive. It’s great. It’s unbelievable. He truly is fantastic, full of energy. He’s exactly like his sister.”

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