‘Super surrogate’ retires after having 15th baby

An American mum who's acted as a surrogate for the past 13 years says her most recent delivery is her last


An American mum is retiring from surrogacy, after carrying 11 children for other parents.


Meredith Olafson, 47, from North Dakota, USA, has given birth to 15 babies over the past 13 years – but only four of them are hers.

Meredith’s carried two sets of triplets, one set of twins and three single babies for parents using their embryos, so she has no biological link to the children.

Meredith’s last delivery was a baby girl, born on March 29. “I am officially retiring the uterus,” she told America’s Today show.

The lucky lady says she’s never suffered from morning sickness, only puts on a small amount of weight, and has short labours.

Unlike in the UK, a US surrogate mum can be paid for her service, although Meredith says her motivation is to help others become parents.

“When you see those parents’ faces when they see that ultrasound for the first time and they see that heart beat beating – or they get to hear that heartbeat – that’s priceless right there,” Meredith told Today.


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