Superheroes can help your kids eat more healthily

Research shows children are more likely to eat Marvel character-inspired veggies


Every parent knows how hard it is to get kids eating the good stuff, but a new study may have the answer.


Research, conducted by Cornell University in Ithaca, found giving vegetables with superhero names like ‘Power Punch Broccoli’ ‘and ‘Silly Dilly Green Beans,’ were more likely to be eaten then those that were unbranded.

The experiment, published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, exposed more than 1,000 kids in seven New York elementary schools to different lunchtime veggie choices.

In the first study, when kids were presented with ‘X-Ray Vision Carrots,’ 66% cleared their plate compared to just 35% when listed as ‘Food of the Day.’

In the second study, there was a 99% sales increase in vegetables when they given Marvel superhero-like identities.

“These results demonstrate that using attractive names for healthy foods increases kid’s selection and consumption,” scientists say, reports OMG! Yahoo.

“An attractive name intervention is robust, effective and scalable at little or no cost.”

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Would you buy Spiderman emblazoned sweet corn or Batman branded cauliflower to get your kids eating the good stuff?

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