Suri Cruise demands Cameron Diaz’s dress!

TomKat’s little madam likes the look of the actress’s frock – and what Suri wants…

Not content with her alleged £2 million wardrobe, being able to play on a brand new i-Pad and having her famous (and indulgent) parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at her mercy, Suri Cruise has something else that she wants – Cameron Diaz’s dress!


The actress, who is Suri’s dad’s co-star in the upcoming film, Knight and Day, has revealed that the 4-year-old mini diva set her sights on her dress and wasn’t shy in demanding she had one too!

“She really took a liking to my dress,” the 38-year-old star shared. “She came over to me and said, ‘I like your dress.’ I thanked her and then she said, ‘I want your dress.’ I was like, ‘Well, honey I’m sure Mommy can get you one. If only we were the same size!’”


This isn’t the first time Suri has demanded something as she previously asked her parents to hire her a nanny – Mary Poppins to be precise!

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