Suri Cruise dresses up in New York

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's fashionista daughter shows off her designer wardrobe - and her little friends - in the city.


Suri Cruise wasn’t voted more stylish than the Fashion Queen Sarah Jessica Parker for nothing! Check out little madam Suri in her too-cool-for-school outfit, along with an (accessorising) doll and small teddy bear.


The 5-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was spotted leaving a hotel in NYC, with her purple dress and matching loafers teamed with a faux fur jacket and black fendora hat. Not the average outfit for a 5-year-old, but then again, Suri’s rumoured £2 million wardrobe is far from standard.

Suri was later spied losing her cool and having a tantrum whilst boarding her mum’s private helicopter (as you do). Suri had apparently left behind her favourite comforter blanket. Her tears were soothed when one of the Cruises’ minders found it and handed it back to her. It seems that even the most grown-up, privileged celebrity children are prone to a strop now and then.

We also noticed the milestone of Suri wearing a coat. Nothing unusual there you’d think, except Suri hates wearing coats, as revealed mum Katie in a recent interview!

What do you think of Suri’s outfit?

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