It seems as if the days are long gone when all you needed to celebrate a child’s birthday was a few presents, some balloons and lots of jelly and ice cream.


New research by MyVoucherCodes* has revealed that the average child’s birthday costs parents more than £350.

The study revealed that parents spend an average of just over £350 on their child’s birthday; including presents, celebrations and any additional activities.

According to the results, 91% of the parents taking part celebrated their child’s last birthday with a party.

Respondents were asked to estimate how much they spent on each aspect of celebrating their child’s last birthday. Check out what parents say they spent:

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  • Presents for child- £156.30
  • Party Food- £73.20
  • Cake- £22.33
  • Party Activities/ Entertainment or Venue Hire- £90.20
  • Party Gifts- £15.92

If you want to celebrate in style, while still watching your pennies, check out our guide to planning your children's birthday party whatever your budget. Plus, why not try whipping up a homemade birthday cake, take a look at these fabulous birthday cake recipes for inspiration.

How much do you spend on celebrating your little one's milestones? Tell us below...

*Study of 1,900 parents aged 18 and over