Susanna Reid’s kids cringe at her Strictly salsa

The three boys look stunned as mum struts her stuff


Susanna Reid may have wowed the Strictly judges with her salsa at the weekend but her three boys were rather less impressed.


Sam, 10, Finn, 9 and Jack, 7, acted as mock judges while mum Susanna rehearsed with dance partner Kevin Clifton. And their stunned faces and squirmy expressions said it all.

“You need to give it a bit more oomph,” said Sam.

And Finn added, “I think maybe your steps could be a bit better.”

But, after their initial embarrassment at their mum’s hip-waggling moves, the boys awarded Susanna marks of 8, 8 and 10.

And Susanna told viewers on the live show: “I said to my kids, ‘Are you going to worry about me going out there and doing that?’ and they said, ‘You’re only going to be on Strictly once. Don’t waste it being embarrassed’, so I just went for it!”

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