Swallowed drawing pin leads to boy’s constant colds

X-rays reveal a drawing pin stuck for a year in the lung of coughing 8-year-old Chinese boy


The parents of an 8-year-old Chinese boy, Xiao Ming, were shocked to discover that the cause of his regular coughs and colds was a drawing pin.


Xiao had been frequently ill for the past year and when doctors gave him a health check, the x-rays showed a drawing pin, stuck in his right lung.

Xiao then admitted that he had swallowed the pin around a year earlier, but had been too worried to tell anyone about it, and so had kept mum.

Xiao’s lung had become withered due to being pierced by the pin but doctors explained that Xiao was in fact extremely lucky as the damage could have been a lot worse. The pin was later removed and he’s now making a good recovery.


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