‘Swine flu party’ warning to parents

We’ve heard of ‘chickenpox parties’ but now there’s an even more dangerous idea being discussed by mums


Don’t send children to swine flu parties, parents have been warned.


A friendly chat picked up on a well known parenting website has sparked concern that parents are exposing their children to viruses in the hope that they’ll contract the illness and build up their immunity, despite the health risks this can bring.

The online post mentioned what a good idea of bringing the exposure of swine flu would be to their kids at this type of ‘party.’

We have seen it with chickpox, but this approach shouldn’t be taken with swine flu, according to British Medical Association expert, Dr Richard Jarvis. He told BBC Radio 4 Today, “I think parents need to take into account that the flu – although this particular strain is relatively mild for the most part – is something that will knock people off their feet for a few days and we are seeing appreciable morbidity, sever side effects and sadly the occasional death.”


His warning came after the third UK victim of the swine flu was announced – Sameerah Ahmad, 6.


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