Take your kids to work during strikes, says David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron is urging bosses to make allowances for parents who need to bring their children to work during teachers’ strikes


Parents are being urged to take their children to work to avoid the cost of extra childcare during Wednesday’s planned teachers’ strikes. David Cameron wants bosses to give parents the option to take their kids to work with them, where safe. Even Number 10 is going to be opening its doors to its staff’s kids, let’s hope they keep their crayons away from the walls! 


The Unions’ decision to strike has been met with criticism from the PM himself, who claims that it’s wrong to strike and close so many classrooms. Negotiations are under way and David is disappointed that Labour’s links to the unions are so strong – the proportion of the Labour party’s funding coming from unions has gone up 30% (from 56% to 86%) since Ed Miliband took over as leader, according to David.

Calls for a change of law around striking continue to flood in, notably from the Tory benches, and David urges that the topic is “never off the table”.

Interestingly, a spokeswoman for Downing Street stated that “Downing Street would be one of the places where if you want to bring your children, that could be arranged”. Kind of sounds like an open invitation, doesn’t it? David, we’ll see you bright and early Wednesday morning!


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