F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone is the latest celebrity to share a picture of herself breastfeeding. But Tamara, not one to knowingly under-bling a photo op, was never going to be content with a little old selfie; nope, for Tamara, it's the full-on series of over-the-top portraits, taken by Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields in her £70 million London mansion.


The glamorous picture shows Tamara breastfeeding her 8-month-old daughter Sophia, tan lines artfully on display. Meanwhile, her husband Jay Rutland, in waistcoat and tie, casually reads the newspaper in the dark-panelled background.

We have to say: aren't they just a little but overdressed for breakfast? We would love to see Tamara in a onesie with no make-up, like the rest of us!

The breastfeeding picture is just one of a series of glitzy family photos of the F1 heiress with her baby.

Click through the rest of the slideshow to see the full gallery…

Photos: Tyler Shields at Imitate Modern


Tamara pushes baby Sophia in her Swarovski-crystal-encrusted (natch) £1,450 Silver Cross Balmoral pram while Jay casually drapes himself behind the door of a Rolls Royce.


Mum and baby portrait


The whole family


But how did they get up there?!

Nope, we have no idea what this one's about either folks. All that bling must have gone to their heads!

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