F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone is more than happy to admit she’s a “control freak” when it comes to her 3-year-old daughter Sophia.


But in the latest episode of her itvBe reality show Tamara’s World, fans were quick to criticise the 33-year-old for struggling to leave the house without her.

Tamara and pal Victoria were due to head off to dinner together, but Tamara was dismayed about leaving – all because Sophia had picked up a bit of a cough.

"I'm so nervous," she shared. "She was coughing so much and I'm scared the cough is going to wake her up."

Worried her daughter would wake up without her, she even admitted: "I did time the journey to the restaurant so I know how long I have to get back [home]."

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This isn’t a new theme for Tamara, who, in a previous episode of her show, confessed that she hadn’t left Sophia in the 3 years since she was born – until she finally worked up the courage to support husband Jay solo at his gallery opening one evening.

And she’s been really open on her series about concerns over sending Sophia to a 3-hour-a-day nursery, worried that her daughter wouldn’t be able to cope without her – and do things like wipe her own bum.

But viewers haven’t always been sympathetic to Tamara’s plight, with one writing:

“Wow it’s a night away from your child. Jesus, it’s normal.”

While another added: “I feel sorry for Tamara in that she is unable to live her life, this separation anxiety is so difficult to watch.

“Her marriage does not appear healthy and her poor daughter needs children’s company. Not a good situation for any of them…”

“She’s clearly a great Mum but she is way too clingy with that little girl,” noted one tweeter.

And another fan of the show mused: “Watching how she is with her daughter is a tad over the top. It's like she has forgotten herself completely and far too smothering.”


Meanwhile, fellow reality star Danielle Lloyd is getting flak for the exact opposite.

She’s been criticised for posting a photo of herself on an Abu Dhabi holiday with partner Michael - and *seemingly* without her 3-month-old baby son Ronnie.

(Well, the tot's not in the picture...)

danielle madeformums

“Baby is no where to be seen ?” the commenter judged, adding it was: "just their opinion" that it was too soon to leave baby alone.

To be fair, Danielle’s Instagram is full of pics of her 4 lovely boys, and every mum is entitled to a break, no matter how little their baby is.

We also, having seen a little bit of the show, think that Tamara could do with a bit of encouragement and support from fellow mums on social media.

Clearly, she finds spending time away from Sophia nerve-wracking and difficult to an extreme degree, so no matter how unusual her situation, could probably do without the judgement ?

We’re all damned if we do and damned if we don’t when it comes to how long we wait to spend time away from our kids, aren’t we?

Let’s hope that changes soon… ?

Images: Instagram/Tamara, Instagram/Danielle

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