Tamara Ecclestone: incredible just-given-birth pics

As the Formula 1 heiress posts the first pictures of herself with her new baby, is there too much pressure on new mums to look flawless on social media?


Ok, so apparently, these are the first pictures of Tamara’s baby girl Sophia.


And isn’t she gorgeous?

But we can hardly look away from Tamara in these pictures. That glossy blow-dry, sculpted brows and pretty barely-there make-up. And she’s just given birth? 

“Welcome to the world Sophia” Tamara commented. “Our beautiful baby girl, born yesterday. 6lb 9oz. Proudest day of our lives. Never felt love like this. X”

The Formula 1 heiress looks amazing (it’s her husband Jay who looks the most just-had-a-baby knackered, to be honest). But looking at Tamara groomed and plucked within an inch of her life, we can’t help but wonder: is there too much pressure on new mums to look flawless after birth?

What do you think? Did you make an effort to look beautiful in those first pictures? Or were you too woozy/worn out to care?

And probably most importantly, which Instagram filter is best for covering under-eye bags? 

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