Tamara Ecclestone's reality TV series Tamara's World is far from short on parenting talking points.


We've seen Tamara try to take on her separation anxiety, and now we're hearing from her hubby, 33-year-old Jay Rutland, who we think it's fair to say is feeling a little left out of the fam.

Or, at least, is feeling a tad envious of Tamara's super-tight bond with their 3-year-old daughter, Sophia.

He was gutted in the latest episode to see Sophia wearing a locket with both hers and mum's faces in, but not his.

"No picture of me which I'm not surprised at," Jay said. "Typical Tamara."

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"To me, it seemed natural to put a picture of me in there as it's engraved with her name and my name," replied Tamara, who later added: "He is in the triangle [their name for family of 3]... he's not in the locket."

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And after a clip was shown where Jay asks Sophia if she loves her daddy, and she (jokily) says no, Jay continued:

"Sophia takes great pleasure in teasing me but part of it is like a knife in the heart. I know what she's doing but it is tough sometimes."

He then tells friends in another scene: "[Sophia] looks at me as if to say 'I don't love my daddy' and it kills me."

Meanwhile, Tamara confessed that she didn't realise the locket situation would hurt his feelings:

"Jay's relationship with Fifi is so different to mine. He's like the fun dad, I have a different relationship and he's good with that... but maybe the locket brought out another side to that that I wasn't aware of."

We can't help but feel a little sad for Jay after reading these comments, and we hope he gets to spend some one-on-one time with little Sophia soon.

A girl always has room for 2 lockets in her jewellery box, right? ❤️

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