Teacher training toughens up to improve school standards

Trainees will face harder English, mathematic and reasoning tests


From September 2013, trainee teachers are to face tougher entry tests as part of a government initiative to raise standards in the teaching profession.


As of next year, anyone wishing to train to be a teacher in England will be obliged to sit the new examinations prior to beginning their course.

The current examinations in mathematics, English and reasoning have been subject to criticism for being too easy, and have been redeveloped by a panel of heads and experts in order to present more of a challenge.

The tests will now include complex mathematical problems without the use of calculators and more lengthy written assignments. The pass mark has also been raised.

Currently, candidates sit their examinations during their course, but under the new guidelines would-be teachers must sit the test in order to begin their training.

Trainees can sit the test a maximum of three times, after which they will not be allowed to try again for a further two years.

Education secretary, Michael Gove commented, “These changes mean that parents can be confident that we have the best teachers coming into our classrooms.

“Above all, it will help ensure we raise standards in our schools and close the attainment gap between the rich and poor.”


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