Tearaway toddlers reduce property value

Two thirds of Britain's homes are currently being damaged and destroyed by troublesome toddlers, according to a new report.


A poll carried out by Direct Line Home Response 24 found that one in 10 parents believe that their toddlers’ tendency to cause damage around the house has reduced the value of their property by an estimated average of £2,000.


The top five incidents caused by under-fives in homes were food spills, scribbles on the walls, scuffed walls, other stains on the carpet and ripped wallpaper.

Andrew Lowe at Direct Line Home Response 24 commented: “We understand that homes are prone to toddler damage, indeed, our research has shown most toddlers have caused some form of destruction.”

“And while it is impossible to put measures in place that make a home toddler-proof, we recommend all parents ensure they have sufficient insurance to cover possible accidents and make sure any repairs are carried out by qualified tradesmen,” he added.


A common feature of a family home with small children is “kiddy clutter”, with 63% of parents claiming their children’s toys and accessories make the home feel cluttered while over half of parents think it makes their homes look untidy.

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