Teresa Palmer: shares baby-bump bikini shot

Warm Bodies star got married in secret last month


Hollywood actress Teresa Palmer has been showing off her almost-full-term baby bump on holiday with her husband Mark Webber and his son Isaac.


The first-time mum has been documenting her growing bump throughout her pregnancy with daily candid pictures. Teresa hasn’t confirmed when her due date is but it certainly looks to be pretty soon.

The latest picture shows the 27-year-old posing in a form-fitting black dress and pink beanie hat.

She captioned the image: “Hellooo baby!”

Teresa and Mark got married at a secret wedding in Mexico last month.

“It was a real celebration of love!’ she later told E! News.

“I always thought I wouldn’t want to be pregnant at my wedding but I loved it. 

“It’s beautiful to know our baby was there with us. And I’ve never really been that traditional.”

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