The moment a little boy, aged 2, sat on Santa’s lap one last time

The visit was co-ordinated by the Secret Sleigh Project, which organises Christmas treats for terminally ill children


Now, if you have your kids close, you’ll probably want to give them a big hug after reading this story.


The picture shows 2-year-old Miles Agnew, who was born with microcephaly and has spastic quad cerebral palsy, cuddled up in Santa’s arms.

Miles was adopted by his family when he was just 3 months old, and has been in hospice care in the States for a few months now.

When his health declined rapidly, his mum Michelle realised quickly that she wouldn’t be able to take him on a trip to see Santa. 

Cue the Secret Sleigh Project – a charity that organises visits from Father Christmas to exceptionally poorly kids. 

Jeff Bodily (aka Santa) said:

“Back in the 70s when I met my former wife, she had two daughters, her youngest had been diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and 6 weeks after we met, she lost her battle, so I knew what the family was going through.

“I can’t lie, I got choked up, and there was a tear in Santa’s eye, but this was for this family’s memory.”

Speaking about her little boy, Michelle told ABC News: “We treasure our time and our memories with our family so much.

“Although we have had so much heartache in our lives we try our hardest to keep moving forward.

“We are so fortunate for all the good times we’ve shared together and are so grateful for the friends, family and medical community that have supported us.

“Miles is such a special little boy who is very, very loved in our family.”


We think the photo says it all – and we send all our love, thoughts and best wishes to the family ?

Image: Secret Sleigh Project on Facebook

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